Half-Day Bicycling

Quick Facts

14.00 - 18.30 hrs


95% Flat


We begin the day with a 30-minute drive from your hotel to the point where the cycling adventure starts, at Nongluang Lake, also known as the Buffalo Lake. This trip is a great opportunity for you to see the Khuay or water buffalo up close. While cycling, we pass through villages, farms, caravans of water buffalo that live beside the lake areas. This is also an excellent opportunity to have an authentic trip by seeing the reality of the lives of local rice farmers, fishermen and cow herders. Rest assured that the trail is extremely safe and used predominantly for cycling. We will end our trip with a visit to the local fresh food market and dinner at a nearby restaurant before we drop you back at the hotel.


Sunglasses, sunblock, camera, mosquito spray, covered shoes, gloves and a small bag with any personal items. This price includes the local insurance, cycling guide, mountain bike (24 gears) with front suspension & helmet, local dinner, drinking water. The additional costs would be only for any drinks consumed.

If you have any questions about the details provided, please consult the FAQ.

Number of Adults Cost/Person (Baht)
1 3000
2-3 1400
4 or more 1200